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From the Desk of Nam Tran Ybarra, Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson
Re: How To Create A Passive Income Stream With Amazon Kindle

Dear Future eBook Publisher,

As we're sure you're aware, the Amazon Kindle has become by far the absolute BEST selling product Amazon has to offer, giving it's users the capability to shop for, download, and read ebooks and other digital media directly from a hand-held device they can carry with them wherever they go.

In fact, the Amazon Kindle is SO popular, the first version SOLD OUT in the first 5 1/2 hours after its release and has since went on to sell over a million copies a MONTH and growing!

This unseen tidal wave has created a whole new market of people just waiting to grab the latest ebooks, digital newspapers and magazines they can purchase and read INSTANTLY right from their kindle, from all across the world ...

And That's Where YOU Fit Into The Picture!

Regardless of your chosen topic, whether you publish a mystery novel, science fiction tale, or step by step "how to" manual doesn't make a difference. With Amazon Kindle it's now easier than ever to get your ebooks into the hands of THOUSANDS of customers, without ever leaving the comfort of home.

If you've been looking to GET PAID as a world renowned author, now's your chance as Amazon makes it well worth your effort, paying out a whopping 70% of the sale price! When it comes to kindle publishing in general, you will find that ebooks are a whole lot cheaper to produce, require no physical inventory and the supply never runs out. Since users download your ebook to their kindle, there's no overhead and no reproduction costs, which in turn means PURE PROFIT for you!

Not to mention the process is 100% AUTOMATED and runs without you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days each year!

If you already have a book written and want to publish it to Amazon Kindle, you're in the right place ... if you don't have your own book yet then no worries, we've got you covered there too ...

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Because not only will we show you step by step how to research and write your book from scratch, but we're going to teach you a highly misunderstood underground strategy that allows you to short cut the "product creation" process and never have to write a single word!

It's Like Buying A Lottery Ticket One Time And Hitting The Jackpot Every Single Month!

Take for instance 26-year old Amanda Hocking who happens to sell WAY OVER 100,000 copies per month of her books on Kindle... and get this -- her prices average $1-$3 each!

In one month Amanda sold over 450,000 copies and banked over half a million dollars in the process!

How is this possible?

For starters Amazon made it possible when they invented the kindle to begin with and getting it in the hands of millions of users, but more importantly is how Amanda's customers don't have to think so much about a $1 or $2 purchase. It's not a "high ticket" decision, and even if the customer isn't going to read the book now they still pick it up to have because it's a no brainer.

So you create your ebook one time with the potential to pay you over and over again without you lifting a finger!

Get dozens of ebooks published on kindle and watch the profits soar, hence what this course is specifically about.

Selling on Amazon Kindle has many benefits such as...

You can easily attract customers and increase sales by allowing Kindle users to download the first chapter of your ebook for free

You can reach a massive market of millions of Kindle users across the globe in just a few clicks and be ready to profit within 48 hours!

Users can read Kindle books on their iPhones which gives you HUGE potential to generate more sales!

Kindle users can simply buy an ebook and start reading in less than a few seconds, giving them the instant gratification necessary to take action and make a purchase

You can publish and sell ebooks, newspapers, magazines and BLOGS which opens the market for you tremendously!

It's easy and safe to use the Amazon kindle system, with no previous publishing experience required and built in features that prohibit other kindle users from sharing your ebook, you'll be up and running ready to profit in no time!

And Much More!

You Don't Need To Be Any Sort Of Genius Or Even An Author To Have A Best Seller On Kindle!

If you've been wanting to publish a "best seller", but for whatever reason can't seem to put two sentences together, then we've got THREE solutions for you...

When it comes to writing a fly-off-the-shelf novel or hot ticket how-to guide, most people fall way short of producing anything close to sellable.

While being a "writer" to start with would obviously put you ahead of the pack, I want you to know right here and now this is not necessary for you to develop the financial freedom and independent lifestyle that comes from having written a top selling book.

Not only are we going to take you by the hand and show you each and every detail that's involved in the research, conception, production, and delivery of your new ebook, but even if you can't write to save your life, we're going to show you how in less than 30 days starting from scratch you will have YOUR OWN 100% exclusive ebook selling on Amazon Kindle, available to millions of people worldwide!

You will watch over our shoulder as we teach you how to think up, write, publish, and sell your own EXTREMELY PROFITABLE ebook in less than a month's time -- regardless of your experience level, starting with NO IDEAS and NOT A CLUE!

PLUS -- Once we've went through the entire process and you've learned how to write your own ebook and publish it to Amazon Kindle, we will then let you in on our most closely guarded secrets and strategies so you can short-cut the process and spit out PROFIT-PULLING ebooks in record time -- without ever "writing" a single word!

Armed with this information, you can feel confident in your ability to start making BIG MONEY with Amazon Kindle.. you can have your own ebooks ready to publish and start making sales as soon as THIS WEEK, all by following a proven underground method that's sure to blow your mind!

Surely you've wondered things like:
  • What do I write about? ...
  • What sort of topics are hot sellers? ...
  • How do I make my book digital? ...
  • How should I price my ebook? ...
  • How do I publish my ebook to Kindle? ...
  • How do I promote my ebook? ...
  • How do I improve my eBook to add value and make MORE money? ...
  • How can I bypass product creation altogether and become an instant ebook author? ...
Introducing ...

Kindle Publishing Profits - Your Step By Step Blueprint 
To Publishing For Profit Using Amazon Kindle!

Contained within this in-depth, step-by-step 'Kindle Publishing Profits' multi-media video training in a box, you will learn how to quickly and easily have your own HOT SELLING ebook published to Amazon Kindle... for ANY niche or topic you please!

Do you have a knack for writing short stories? ...
Publish them to Kindle!

Do you think you would love writing mystery or romance novels? ...
Publish them to Kindle!

Do you have a specific skill or craft you could make into a series of "how-to" manuals? ...
Yeah, you guessed it ... Publish them to Kindle!

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Once you get into the videos, you will discover just how easy it can be to implement our SIMPLE 6-step "Concept To Kindle" success formula which will allow you to quickly start publishing for profit today!

we will leave no stone unturned as we reveal everything you need to know in professional video format, watch and learn step by step as you become a Kindle Publishing Profiteer in record time!

These videos are designed to have you taking action and getting results publishing your books in digital format via the Amazon Kindle platform. Once you've learned these skills you will be able to write and publish ebooks and sell them however you wish -- even outside of Kindle to generate more hands free profits if you choose!

Along with having your own ebooks comes the opportunity to advertise related products and services from within your book itself, allowing you the opportunity to make even more passive income with little extra effort.

Of course this is best accomplished by targeting topics such as "how to make money online" or anything to do with the "health and wellness" field or "self-help" niche, as you will find a slew of products you can promote on the "backend" to these sorts of customers.

Publishing ebooks to Amazon Kindle is EASY and we're going to show you how to identify what "you" should be publishing, how to know if your ebook will sell BEFORE you write it, along with the entire Kindle marketing process broken down in an easy to understand format that will put you on the road to success starting today.

If you don't want to mess with writing your own ebook then don't sweat it a single second, because we're ALSO going to share additional strategies you can use to have your own ebook ready to publish to Kindle, but with OTHER PEOPLE doing the work!

The possibilities that can result from having a single ebook published to Kindle are mind-boggling to say the least, and by having dozens of them you can literally change your life. By following the Kindle Publishing Profits blueprint you will have the easiest, quickest way to launch one ebook after another with the potential to make sales every single day.

Even if you have no current products of your own, no big dog list or high roller JV connections, no website and no traffic -- listen to us closely -- it does not matter with this system because we will provide everything you need to know and more:

Specifically what is Amazon Kindle and how you can use this technology to make a serious automated income, the tools you need to get started, plus how you can implement what you learn as fast as possible

How to plan your ebook launch, including a standard outline you can model after, along with several 'little known' tactics guaranteed to bring you huge success

The most vital element you must have in place most Kindle publishers ignore that's costing them THOUSANDS in lost revenue!

How to create your ebook centered around a 'buying market' that is in hot demand and highly sought after by the masses, quick and dirty research techniques that will save you loads of wasted time and effort, plus how to set yourself up for highly targeted, server stomping traffic in the process

The major difference between successful Kindle publishers and those who simply don't make the grade (this little nugget is worth the price of the course on its own!)

Step by step how to write, publish, and sell your own ebook specifically on Amazon Kindle

How to get users to fall head over heels for you as an author to the point they HAVE to grab your newest release before it's even published! If you've been dreaming and drooling over a repeat buyer "fan base" then look no further

How to properly format your ebook and get it ready to publish in the Kindle marketplace, helpful tips and guidelines you should follow, plus how to get your ebook approved and LIVE in record time

Stealth pricing tactics revealed, learn Amazon's system from the inside out to maximize profits with every sale!

Easy to follow promotion strategies to get the ball rolling and the sales pouring in, plus how to keep the cash flowing for years to come as a result of today's effort

The quick and effective way to publish multiple ebooks fast, impress your friends and family that you're now a 'published author' with the potential to hit 'featured status' and rake in the big bucks!

And so much more, we haven't even scratched the surface!

"But What If I Don't Want To Write My Own Ebooks?"

Hey we're with ya, and understand all too well what must be going on in your head ... isn't writing an ebook too hard? Isn't it too time consuming?

I'm not a writer ... I'm not creative ... I don't know if I can do it

YES! I fully understand what you're going through right now, when on one hand you could very well have in front of you the opportunity of a lifetime -- one we most likely will never see again in our lifetime ...

On the other hand you've got FEAR eating away at your mind and crippling your actions.. followed by DOUBT which is telling you it's not possible, and even if it were -- YOU couldn't do it!...

And we say to hell with both of them, fear and doubt can piss off as far as we're concerned because YOU CAN become a published author thanks to Amazon and the Kindle Publishing Profits system, yet you don't have to write a single word if you don't want to.

Act Now And Grab Our 'Covert Product Creation Tactics' BONUS Video Training Series That Will Show You How To Turn Other People's Products Into YOUR OWN Exclusive Hot Sellers!

It's called Private Label Rights and by far is the most effective way to have your own hot selling ebooks and digital products without the hard work!

Now you can rapidly churn out your own hot sellers quickly and easily with these covert product creation tactics guaranteed to have you set up as an instant author TODAY!
Inside this bonus video module you will learn to work with ALL forms of Private Label Rights products -- not just ebooks -- and turn them into a variety of sellable formats...

Inside 'Covert Product Creation Tactics' you will discover ....

  • Step by step how to take Private Label Rights (PLR) products and turn them into your own exclusive hot sellers! 
  • How to work with all forms of PLR to make them unique, become an instant author publishing for profit at the speed of light! 
  • How to take PLR articles and turn them into an ebook you can publish to kindle!
  • How to modify PLR ebooks into hot ticket items, as well as the simple process for turning them into AUDIO ebooks!
  • How to edit, rebrand and customize PLR VIDEOS, and much more!
  • Armed with this MUST KNOW information, you will be well on your way to becoming a digital media MASTER and never worry about "writing" or "product creation" ever again!...
  • Plus We're Going To Show You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hiring 'Ghostwriters' From The Inside Out:

Inside 'Ghostwriters From The Inside Out' you will discover ....

  • Secrets used by top gun gurus to create award winning products (without ever writing a word!)
  • How to find Ghostwriters who are extremely talented who will edit and modify your PLR ebooks for you, or even write you a full blown ebook from scratch!
  • Crank your info publishing business up a few notches and increase profits to the max by enrolling the help of professionals who write for a living!
  • Quickly produce ebooks, articles, short reports and more you can use and sell over and over for all the profits!
  • Working with ghostwriters, what you must know to get the best prices, problems you will no doubt run into and how to overcome them, how to effectively communicate exactly what it is you're looking for, and so much more we haven't even got started!
  • Finding and working with an experienced, yet affordable Ghostwriter can be a challenge, but inside this course you will learn exactly what you need to do to get other people to do all your writing, so you can focus on playing golf, shopping, and going to the beach =)

As you can see, included with the complete Kindle Publishing Profits system is EVERYTHING you need to:
Create your own award winning ebooks within 30 days, publish them to Amazon Kindle and sell an unlimited number of copies. Edit and modify Private Label Rights products to make them unique, create ebooks, short reports, audio ebooks, VIDEO courses, and software easier than you've ever imagined.

Hire a professional Ghostwriter to create your ebooks and content so you can spend more time doing whatever it is you love to do Kindle Publishing Profits is your step-by-step comprehensive blueprint to cranking out hot selling ebooks and making them available to millions of users worldwide.

Best of all, you can take advantage of Amazon's existing traffic, customers, and affiliates to drive sales for you, without you lifting a finger in the process. Of course if you DO some simple marketing you can really get kick-start the process, and we're going to show you how easy it can be.

"So... How Much For Your Complete Kindle Publishing Profits Multi-Media Video Course, Covert Product Creation Tactics Training, And Understanding Ghostwriters Guide?"

Well that's the best part ... because the price is NOT what it should be, rest assured on that ...

The price today is $27

No hype, no gimmicks ... you get the complete video training and bonuses for your one time payment, plus I will give you a full 60 days to change your mind - if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with all we have to offer, then I don't want your money and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Due to the specific nature of the information being presented, you'd have to agree just the main course itself is worth twice, if not THREE TIMES what you'll pay ... add to this the valuable bonuses that could sell as stand alone products on their own, and you've got a sure winner!

Chances are you figured you'd be paying $197 or more today, but with the market booming and millionaires being created every day on Amazon Kindle there's simply no reason to hold this back from you.

If you're serious about changing your life then jump on board, if not then perhaps this isn't for you. Because the last thing I want to do is have you purchase this today then not do anything with it ...

Like I said, if you're SERIOUS about YOU then jump on it, if not then let's not waste each other's time.

We will do our part by providing everything you need to create, publish, and PROFIT with Amazon Kindle.. what you do with it from there is up to you ... but you need to get started NOW -- as in TODAY -- if you want to see the greatest possible savings and value ...

Because we sincerely are planning to increase the price soon and before you know it there won't be many spots left, so don't risk coming back and seeing we're sold out.

We're assuming all the risk today, you've got nothing to lose so why not give this a shot ...

Invest in the Kindle Publishing Profits multi-media video training course today and not only will we include the extra bonus videos and PDF guide, but you will have a full 60 days to review the product and ensure your satisfaction.

We are totally 100% confident you will be LOVE this program and be blown away with the information you'll find inside.

But in case you are not satisfied, or if for whatever reason it doesn't work for you then don't worry... just send us an email, We'll refund your money and we'll part as friends no hard feelings. And just to show we're a fair sport, we will even let you keep the bonuses just for giving us a try.
Discover everything you need to know to create your own cash sucking ebooks and digital products in any niche you choose... and it's entirely 100% risk free!

Your Kindle Launch Formula Awaits...

Click the secure order button below to grab your copy of Kindle Publishing Profits and the bonuses completely risk free today!

Grab Your Copy Today... Only $27

Yes! I'm ready to begin my quest for automated ebook profits!

I want to rapidly launch my ebooks on Amazon Kindle and become a published author with the potential to generate thousands of dollars each day!

I am signing up RIGHT NOW and want the entire package including the complete video course, bonus videos and bonus guide for just $27 before you come to your senses and pull this offer forever!

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Best of luck with your new ebook publishing business,

PS - Kindle Publishing Profits includes everything you need and nothing you don't to publish and profit using Amazon Kindle. This program is truly step by step and is waiting on you to grab it and put it through it's paces...

PPS - Just one ebook has the potential to make you lots of money... a dozen could make you rich! And now it's easier than ever to start on your journey.. forget all the traditional internet marketing methods you've learned that have left you broke and frustrated, Kindle Publishing Profits has the potential to earn you a serious income with extremely little effort, so why put it off...

"Discover The Easy To Follow *6 Step* Power System Anyone Can Use To Make Sales DAILY Publishing For Profit With Amazon Kindle! ..."

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